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How about if I need more than 20 returns? The 20 returns limit is a CRA requirement. If you are a tax preparer, then get an unlimited number of returns by using Studiotax Enterprise. Can I import last year's return created by another tax program? Unfortunately you have to do that manually. Only StudioTax returns can be imported by StudioTax.

For Mac Users Seeking a TurboTax Alternative: TaxACT Small Business

Note that StudioTax may not handle some uncommon tax situations. Please review the restrictions page for a detailed list of exclusions. If you are a tax preparer, then visit www. Please note that the professional version is designed for tax preparers registered with CRA. Please visit the CRA web site to find out how you can register as a tax preparer. If you are not a tax preparer, then StudioTax Enterprise version will not work for you and you should use our free and fully functional NETFILE certified version to prepare and file your return.

StudioTax is the version required to prepare and file the returns due by April 30, press to go to the download page of the Windows version.

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The Mac version does not support the Quebec provincial returns. Since they don't make a mac amend-only version, the customer has to get a fully functional Mac program, and that can't be posted as a free download for hopefully obvious reasons. The reason they don't make a Mac amend-only version is probably limited demand--they save enough customer support telephone time by having a PC version to make it worth programming, but they must figure that having a mac amend-only version will not save them enough on tech support representative to be worth programming.

The reason you must have software installed on your Mac or PC is that the online version only does the current year. You can file online from Jan 1 until October 15, then it closes down to change over to the next year.

How to get mac Amend software - TurboTax Support

After October 15, the only way to work on a prior year taxes to file late or to amend is to install software on your computer. Call TT Support when they reopen tomorrow. It will only take you about 5 hours and that is if the representative even knows about this. This is horrendous customer service and not worth the hassle. I am never using TurboTax again. I wish I knew his information before purchasing. Call customer support. This should be a standard procedure.

Ask for a supervisor if necessary. Make sure you inform them you need the Mac Desktop program to amend. I never recommend Turbotax Online to anyone unless they qualify for free filing. If you purchase Turbotax as a CD or download and install it on your own computer, you will always have it, for viewing taxes, amending, or anything else. You have to pay up front instead of at filing time, and there is no free installable version.

You also have to take responsibility for safekeeping of your own backups, there is no online backup with the desktop program.

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But it is a superior program. People come to TurboTax AnswerXchange for help and answers—we want to let them know that we're here to listen and share our knowledge.

We do that with the style and format of our responses. Here are five guidelines:. I'd love to walk away from Intuit. I hate them almost as much as I hate Adobe. Turbo Tax started out as a Mac thing. And so did the corporate tax package back in 94 time frame as well as Quicken and Quick Books. But over the years they have tortured all of their Mac products to the point that they are unusable, buggy, and just not trust worth. AND, very often they have stopped supporting the Mac which is where the software originally came from.

TaxTron Tax Software for Individual Corporations

Apr 21, 5: Did you try the online version? I'm not a big fan of cloud tax software call me old fashion but I do want to have the capability of doing my business tax myself. If you did used the cloud version how was that experience. Thanks in advance.

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Apr 21, 6: I've used TaxAct Online for the last 7 or 8 years and have been very satisfied with it. I liked it better than the installed version of TurboTax the first year that I used it, but I have no idea what improvements TurboTax has made since and likely never will know in future years. Apr 22, 8: Tax software for Mac??? More Less. Communities Contact Support.

StudioTax Business Model

Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Hi, everyone. Does anyone know of Mac software that can handle a Business tax return? I'm looking for multiple-member LLC. All replies Drop Down menu.

business tax software for mac 2014 Business tax software for mac 2014
business tax software for mac 2014 Business tax software for mac 2014
business tax software for mac 2014 Business tax software for mac 2014
business tax software for mac 2014 Business tax software for mac 2014
business tax software for mac 2014 Business tax software for mac 2014
business tax software for mac 2014 Business tax software for mac 2014
business tax software for mac 2014 Business tax software for mac 2014
business tax software for mac 2014 Business tax software for mac 2014

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