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The very first time that you run Gemulator you may be prompted with a First Time Setup dialog box. This is a one time procedure that tells Gemulator what port address the ROM card can be found at, and whether to scan the hard disk for disk based versions of TOS and any ROM image files.

If no ROMs get detected, click on the Settings button. Make sure that the port address is set correctly and that the switch settings shown in the dialog match the settings on the card. When the address is correct, click the Scan button. The contents of each ROM socket will then be shown. Click Close to return to the First Time Setup dialog. The next step is to customize Gemulator using the Properties dialog box. This dialog contains the important configuration controls for Gemulator. It works just like any other Windows dialog.

When you have made your changes you can activate them by clicking on the OK button; if you want to abandon your changes click on Cancel. Click on Save to save the current set of Gemulator settings to disk. They will be the default settings next time you run Gemulator. This option activates DirectX full screen mode, allowing Gemulator to occupy the entire screen. Turn off this option to run Gemulator 98 in a window. Stretches out screen pixels to fit more of the screen. This makes it easier to see low resolution screen modes, at the expense of slower screen redraws, since smaller windows redraw faster.

Atari 8-bit mode uses this to select x or x full screen mode size. New in Gemulator Simply click the maximize box in the top right corner of the Gemulator window, or double click the Gemulator window title and the window will change size! Selects what type of monitor to emulate, color or monochrome.

Macintosh mode is currently limited to monochrome only.

The current setting for the amount of RAM being emulated is shown here. To change the RAM to be emulated just click on the required value. This option emulates sound You must have a Windows compatible sound card. Activating sound slows down overall emulation speed. When this option is selected you can activate and deactivate the Blitter from the GEM desktop Options menu. The blitter emulation in Gemulator 9 will automatically kick in when running TOS 1. Use this to switch between multiple ROM versions.

This removes the old Atari 32 megabyte partition size limit and allows you to access any drive that Windows can see, including compressed drives, CDs, and network drives. In fact, earlier versions of Gemulator used virtual disks exclusively.

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VHD is a virtual Atari C: Activating the Atari Disk Mode option helps these programs run better. Gemulator 9 and recent release of Gemulator and SoftMac label this option as "Windows file access". It has the opposite meaning, in that enabling this option gives the emulated operating system direct access to your PC's drives. Use this option to select the disk that TOS boots from. For example, if this option is set to A: A booth Mac OS floppy disk in the disk drive will override this setting also. This dialog box selects the mapping of floppy disks, disk images, and SCSI devices to the emulated drives.

When you do select Atari Disk Mode, you are now emulating the Atari drives instead of using your PC's hard disk partitions. You will typically want to leave the floppy mapped to A: DSK, or other disk image files. In Macintosh mode, you should leave the first floppy mapped to the real A: Optionally map the second floppy to a vMac disk image file. You also have the option to "write protect" a disk by setting it to be read only.

We've eliminated a lot of mouse clicks that were required before in Gemulator You can simply double click on a disk device to bring up the disk image selector. Any changes made are now instantly made instead of having to click on a "Change" button as before. When booting in Macintosh mode, make sure that at least one of the Mac disk drives is configured with a bootable disk image or device.

Using the Windows mouse pointer and click on the close box, that big X in the top right corner of the Gemulator window. All unsaved work will be lost, so it is best to do this from the Atari ST desktop when no programs are running or one the Mac OS has been shut down. It is very important to avoid disk corruption to always properly shut down the Macintosh Finder.

Free Atari Emulators

Only exit Gemulator or switch modes when the Mac OS has shut down. When you first start Gemulator you will find that you have two mouse pointers on screen! In order for Gemulator to get control of the mouse, click the Windows mouse pointer anywhere on the Gemulator window. If you need to get the Windows mouse pointer back, simply press the F11 key, or press both mouse buttons at the same time.

TOS 2. It also has some new features not found in TOS 1. Icons can be dragged to the desktop. Disk directories can be opened by pressing Alt and the drive letter.

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If you have TOS 2. Instead, an Atari logo appears, followed by a memory test, followed by a 90 second countdown which shows a large black bar on the screen. This countdown was added to TOS to give hard disks time to spin up. Once the GEM desktop is up, you can use the keyboard to open disk drive directories. Just press Alt and the drive letter at the same time. It can tell how many times loops were executed, how many times they spinned at minimum and maximum, at which VBL those happened, and what was the standard deviation of that.

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Il est actuellement 20h Nous contacter - Planet Emulation - Archives - Haut de page. The free Atari emulators listed on this page allow you to revisit those days using your modern computer, be it a PC, Mac or some other machine. They usually provide emulation for a variety of Atari hardware, including joysticks, track ball, paddles, touch tablet, light pen, light gun, cassette recorder, floppy and hard disks.

06 - Feed my FrankenSTEin ... Raspberry Pi in Atari ST case

You will probably also need Atari ROMs which may or may not be provided for the machines to use the emulator. If you are able to locate standard disk images for old Atari software, like games, these emulators will also be able to load them as though the images were normal disks in the floppy drive or cassette tapes in the recorder. The emulator support TOS 1. At the time of writing, sound was not yet supported. GZ, and XFD.

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