Sa mac tinh yeu ho hoang yen

Originally posted by thunder quote: Originally posted by havi Just returning from the show.

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It's a very good quick note. Thank you so much HaVi. Have a great day! Ha vi. San Jose. LOL, singing "Tango Tim" but wearing a red dress. But are the dancers at least wearing purple though? Anyways, thanks for the quick update Havi! Hope you'll have a safe flight. Saturday, July 11, 2: Please post photos of singers and dancers a.

Well done! Montreal, Canada. How was the stage? Saturday, July 11, 3: Because the other song list has Nick?? Who is Nick and who is Mai Thanh Son? Thanks in advance: Saturday, July 11, 8: But i don't know if this is the same person as Nick?? You did a HUGE huge favor for me [; ][: Yes, so happy to see Asia Band on stage, bravo. But sorwwi, there is a It was your requesst to Asia!!!! Originally posted by havi quote: Hello Ha Vi.

I'm already happy there is a band on stage, otherwise the stage would be too empty [: Saturday, July 11, Take some rest, get some sleep. Hope you enjoyed the show. Overall, the song list is good and contains most if not all of Anh Bang top hits. Thanks Vi. Sunday, July 12, 2: Although I would lvoe to hear the whole song I am so glad they had her grace us with two lines from the song.

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I am dying to hear it. Withoutasol, lol[: She looked so great, yeap wished they let her sing a couple of more lines or whole song.

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Give Vi about 1 hour, then will post new revised review. Not too tire yet Thanks for reading the quickie review [; ]. Sunday, July 12, 5: Sunday, July 12, 6: Sunday, July 12, 7: I always enjoy picking the tops I live extroverted, generous,head like the other and work of foreigners, love the freedom, funny. Smiling and meet more friends. I loved art and everything related to it Buzzer music - photography - Painting Very like to travel with someone you love.

My job is a singer.

I am the living extrovert, carefree, love of freedom, funny. Usually laugh and love to meet new friends. I love art and everything related to it music - photography - painting Smile Uyen Life is so short, respect urself n ur dignity, I m an English teacher , I love to learn more languages, I love reading and doing Gym everyday, i like a plain n peaceful life with honesty. I love children. Trangcheryy I'm a page. I come from the United States Khanh.

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Currently I am born to live in city Nha Trang pretty nice. Distinguished work of my present was a letter signed by a company has print Khanh flowers. Department likes of me is being away tourists calendar check out those children who new the area of landnew, like nephews shopping, like to go coffee last week endorsed chat against your friend. I very like big play sports specialty is ball volleyball. Show me very visibly pleased to your the lives of her. Thao Gently, feminine, understanding, charisma. Do not believe in advertising on. If you do not believe you win, but not who lost.

There are a number of special thing, meet discovery will be much more exciting. I'm well-educated, lovely, interesting and has a's optimus of humour. I'm family-oriented. Taking care of my beloved is my pleasure. Open mind, friendly, funny, always smile.

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No lying, no cheating. Good listen if u need to talk. Always be there for my friends and my family when they need. Like sport and love watching movies. Love listen music and drink wine.

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So that who I am if you really want to know me or contact sent me sms or on. If not thanks for read my profile.

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I will not reply if someone just look for fun because I didn't talk much with who just joking and don't like guy searching girl for fun. I am a funny, good and sociable!! I was looking for a good man to share my life with him! I like to learn, to listen to music, food and tourism!! A good listener who values true love and honesty. Looking for a man for the rest of I am living in Vietnam with my little boy. I am a caring person.

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I enjoy reading english books and travelling. I also enjoy growing flowers and watching movies. I love dancing and wish I could dacne all style with my lovely partner. I am kind of person like to spend time at the beach on weekend or stay at home to take care people I love, share the housework together, watching movies then have meals together. Phuong A man who can share joys and sorr Currently lm working for CARE lnternational in Vietnam in the field of water supply and sanitation for the rural poor in the Mekong Del.

King Italian king greedy yearswith o provides no co nguoi ghost coal ben guards. LOTUS Swimming, singing, painting, compose music, singing, listening to Classical music, walking on the beach, swimming Fashion Designer Concerto, Opera, Aria Kathy I'm so sensitive, very easy to get hurt, but I'm also easy to forgive and forget any bad things. I just hope everyone can be happy when beside me. I don't want to make any one get hurt because I so scare of hurt. I'm mature, gentle. I really don't like telling lie and don't know how to cheat people. I'm saving all my kisses just for my husband.

I can sure that I will be a faithful wife, because in my life just have only one husband. So I want to find someone also have the samet thinking about love as me. I feel happy with my life even sometime it's not happen as I thought, but life is overcome any challenges. My slogan for my life is "Life can let you down many times , you have no any choice except get back up by your own whenever".

Ann Let's make everything to be simpl People says that I'm attractive, but I'm not sure about that. Just trying to be confident almost the time. I want to keep my body fit so yoga is the best solution for me. About character, I'm open and getting along well with people. Love to have holiday on a beach to release the pressure of job. Talking about job, I think my job is not bad. I like it a lot, but sometimes it is so much pressure. Anyway, every body has to work, right?

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sa mac tinh yeu ho hoang yen Sa mac tinh yeu ho hoang yen
sa mac tinh yeu ho hoang yen Sa mac tinh yeu ho hoang yen
sa mac tinh yeu ho hoang yen Sa mac tinh yeu ho hoang yen
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sa mac tinh yeu ho hoang yen Sa mac tinh yeu ho hoang yen
sa mac tinh yeu ho hoang yen Sa mac tinh yeu ho hoang yen

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