My mac says insert boot disk

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Keep holding the keys down till the computer has gone through 3 sets of chimes. Release the keys. Sep 16, 6: Yes, I do hear the chime. The screen goes white at the same time as the chime. Moments later, the screen goes black and displays the error message. I tried by holding the buttons immediately after I hit the power button, and I have tried holding the buttons after hearing the initial chime.

The same thing continues to happen, screen goes to black with the displayed error message.

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I started to wonder if the keyboard was somehow fried during all of this, but I plugged it into another iMac, and the keyboard works fine. But for some reason, the keyboard seems to be totally ignored. No matter what buttons I hold down during startup, the same thing always happens. Note that this is a corded usb Apple keyboard.

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It shouldn't matter, but the mouse is a Logitec usb wireless one not bluetooth. This is the Apple Hardware Test. The above is from this article: Sep 16, 7: I don't think that it is the DVD drive. I don't have an external drive anyway.

[ubuntu] MacBook Pro + rEFIt + Ubuntu -> No bootable device?

Eustace, thank you so much for your time!!!!! I have already used up way more than I should have. I may just have to bring this over to a local service center. Must admit I have not used Windows in about 6 years, so perhaps the option to erase the drive on boot up is no longer included?? I was hoping to do something like this yesterday, but I had already blown away the Bootcamp disk partition, so there was no where to install Win 7 and in turn continue with the install. Yeah, I really mucked things up.

Boot a Mac from a CD / DVD

Sep 16, 9: It looks like the host computer the iMac I am having trouble with is expected to be running the OS, since the description mentions being able to see the Target disk on the host computer's desktop. Oct 21, 1: Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: LoneStrider LoneStrider. How can I do a clean installation of Mac OS when the hard-drive is in this state?

Thanks in advance!!!! More Less. Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: Hi LoneStrider, In case you didn't find solution yet, I wanted to help you out with this proposal: It will be written above, Select the system you want to use to start up your computer click on your IMac OS X and click restart button on right side. View answer in context.

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Loading page content. Eustace Mendis Eustace Mendis. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. This is important to know - the procedures for erasing can vary from one OS version to the next. Either of two possible paths to resolve this would be great. Thanks again. Try this: Thanks for the time you have taken so far.

Do you hear a chime when the computer starts up? If there is a chime, try resetting the PRAM: Insert the DVD and restart, while hold down the C key. It's a troubleshooting nightmare: This obviously makes re-installation of Mac OS X impossible, and severely limits your troubleshooting avenues. Fortunately, there are some relatively straightforward methods for dealing with this issue. Try holding down the "option" key instead of the "C" key For some reason, holding down the "C" key at startup does not always work to force booting from media that is in your Mac's optical drive.

In these cases, holding down the "option" key at startup which, when functioning normally, displays all available startup devices may allow you to select the appropriate boot volume your Mac OS X installation CD or DVD and proceed with the normal booting process. Failing this, try holding down the "Command", "Option", "Shift", and "Delete" keys simultaneously while your Mac is starting up.

This can occur, for instance, if you purchased a retail copy of Mac OS X older than the version that is required to boot your Mac. As an example, the first-generation PowerBook 1. It will not startup from a Mac OS X Other examples: Note that this issue also affects third-party startup products. Make sure your firmware is current In some cases, out-of-date firmware can result in an inability to properly startup from optical media. Apple maintains a chart of available firmware updates for various Mac models in Knowledge Base article Go to the aforementioned Knowledge Base article, and download the firmware updater that appears next your Mac's name if one is listed and launch the downloaded installer.

If your Mac requires the firmware update, the installation process will proceed. If your Mac is already up-to-date, the firmware installer will alert you and no installation will take place.

my mac says insert boot disk My mac says insert boot disk
my mac says insert boot disk My mac says insert boot disk
my mac says insert boot disk My mac says insert boot disk
my mac says insert boot disk My mac says insert boot disk
my mac says insert boot disk My mac says insert boot disk

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