Ps3 media server mac lag

PS3 Media Playback Stuttering/Lag: How to Eliminate?

I keep my media server on a 2TB external, and I may need a bigger external in a couple of months. Second, it is important for higher quality video files that you have a good computer with a good processor.

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I have a Core i7 which is hyperthreaded which acts as 8 cores, but I've read threads where Core 2's and up can handle it. If you're going to do a lot of transcoding for larger file sizes, keep in mind that this will put a lot of strain on your CPU and possibly RAM.

Keep an eye on your CPU usage while you are streaming media. Good luck all! BB code is on. Smilies are on.

Re: PS3 Media Server stutter on playback; not all 4 cores utilized?

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PS3 Streaming Movies from Mac Lag Problem

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  • PS3 Media Server stutter on playback; not all 4 cores utilized?;
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If you have an unreliable connection, try another channel. For more advanced diagnostics you'd have to read up on it, since I stay clear of Wifi if I can and haven't really studied it much. As for Netflix I would think that a Netflix stream is of a much lower bitrate than one from UMS, so a limited bandwidth could manage to handle Netflix but not being able to handle higher bitrate streams.

That gives 54 mbps theoretical bandwidth, which could easily be saturated while streaming local media content. Netflix can't use anything like that, or they would have a very small customer base not many people have 54 mbps internet connections.

How can I view HD videos without stuttering on PS3 Media server? - Super User

When it comes to ffmpeg, it should be installed when you install UMS. The problem is that your configuration file points to an alternative version than that installed by UMS. You could just comment out this line in your UMS. As path says, this special build is used for "dvrms" files. So if UMS detects such files, special build is used as general one didn't work on them. Maybe time changed and latest general builds supports "dvrms" files natively without problems. Then it will be useless to use this old build and can be removed.

As long as it's just a "backup transcoder" is shouldn't to any harm, but I interpreted it like it would replace ffmpeg. I have no idea what to do If it's a network problem, the only one on that list of possibilities it could be would be interference from a neighbor's frequency, but I don't know how to change that.

PS3 Media Server for Mac Demonstration Part 2

I've poked around the settings for my router and found no options I did try adjusting the UMS bandwidth to 30, as suggested in another thread, but to no avail. What I don't understand is why this would be a greater problem on some files, mostly older ones, and not others. Any thoughts? I had hoped the former program was the problem. Weirdly, when I first installed it, UMS was able to play the first file I tried that had been stuttering on TVersity, but each subsequent file has had the problem. Thanks again, guys. Another possibility is that the computer hardware is simply to weak to do the transcoding, or that you have too many other programs running.

It doesn't take a lot, but transcoding requires some "power" to be delivered in real time. This would actually make sense from your sympthoms, since UMS builds up a buffer when it starts transcoding that is, transcodes some seconds and keeps it in memory before starting to send it. This is to assure smooth playback even if the transcoding computer have limited resources for a brief moment. It could be that your computer manages to transcode a little bit slower than playback rate only, and it goes well in the beginning because the buffer is full.

I sometimes run into issue if it is trying to transcode the files, but if they are a format that the ps3 deals with natively it's pretty golden. Are you sure you are using the latest version of ps3mediaserver? What are the specs on the mac you are using and what is your network setup? Nthing a revisiting of PS3MediaServer. I've had good luck with ps3 media server over an N network, but I had to run an Ethernet cable from the router because ps3 can't do N and sometimes even defaults to B on a G network.

Are you using wireless or wired? I'm using wireless The computer itself is plenty powerful I'll try tonight and see if media server gets any better. No complaints with MediaLink.

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