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Creating a backup

This setup has me covered for some pretty serious hardware and hard drive failures. Even if a drive fails in my primary Drobo, and a second drive fails in the same Drobo before it is rebuilt with a new disk which would cause a total loss of data, I still have a redundant copy on site in the backup Drobo 5D AND another redundant copy offsite in the second 5D. On top of that, all my day-to-day personal and business files are backed up onsite and offsite with Time Machine and CrashPlan.

Images get copied onto both drives during memory card ingestion with Photo Mechanic. If I get that once-in-a-lifetime shot, I stick it on Dropbox too. Any suggestions? Founder of Shutter Muse, full time photographer and creative educator. Dan lives in Whistler, BC, Canada but his wanderlust often sends him in search of images all around the world to meet the needs of clients and readers alike.

Have you kept your old offsite back up drive? Not sure how I will use it yet though. Having your offsite backup onsite for a few hours is a concern for sure. The sync is incremental, so it usually only takes an hour or two. Another thing that interests me for the future is DroboDR.

This is a features that mirrors two Drobo 5N2s, one on and one offsite. It might be the first version of such a system that I think would be simple enough for the layman me to use, and it would also give me remote access to my files too. They have added some seriously powerful features in such a user-friendly way.

Hei, For the offsite backup that where synology can help.. They can create a backup in a similar network drive somwhere else, from a manual command or automatically.. Hey Sylvain! One concern for me is that we have limited bandwidth for most services here in Canada.

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As a note, I am using multiple different size disks from multiple manufs exposed as a singular network volume using mhddfs on an OMV OpenMediaVault NAS homebrew box, with nightly delta rsync to backup disks, and plug-in-detect sync for monthly offsite backup device. Also been pondering S3 or Glacier for archiving. Am also a massive IT nerd and Linux fan, which helps.

First comment: I wonder what their serial numbers are… this is definitely a good thing to think about. Your second comment: I have NO idea what you just said, which is exactly why Drobo is great for me. Hi, nice write up! I have a somewhat similar setup with a homebrewed synology and Crashplan and Crashplan is also running headlessly on the synology, too.

You could seed the destination drive s locally to get started.

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Excellent tips, Brian! Thanks for chiming in.

I’m Done with drobo

Dan, great article. I realize I need a system like years, after a recent internal HD crash, and recognizing my back up system was incredibly disorganized. I debated between the Pegasus 3 and the Drobo 5D3. I noticed that the sales people at Promise seemed to know a lot more about the details, and Drobo folks were inferior.


This concerned me, however their website is informative. I bit the bullet, and ordered the 5D3 for its flexibility with drive sizes, and opportunity to growth without having to transfer my files off it and then rebuild, if I expand and add a drive. So to start have 2 10 TB drives. A new iMac, and old iMac. I also read somewhere that the 5D3 will be faster with a T3 active cable versus the included cable they state is passive…20gb per sec.

I could not find this information on there website, nor did anyone respond from my email query to the company as of yet. The Promise website stated their P3 does come with a T3 cable, at 40gb per sec again seeing how detail oriented this company is compared to Drobo — better for the OCD Tech Nerds! So happy I found your post! As for repair policies, i mentioned that because once I had a fan fail in a Drobo 5D. Their suggestion was that I buy an entire new unit. Take that for what you will, I think they can do better than that. I actually found the customer service at Promise Technology to be inferior to Drobo which is just the opposite of what you experienced.

I have finally decided to go with Drobo though, because of the ease of upgrading to larger storage when the need arrises.

for legacy products

The P3 blows most systems away. Then I have read some reviews that seemed to indicate the 5D3 will be plenty for my needs.

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I will be using it as a primary working drive in which I will be reading and writing from rather than my internal SSD. WHY would anyone do this, you might ask. Anyway, I have yet to get my unit and am cautiously hoping for it to be what I need. I was put off by my experience with Promise Tech and wish perhaps that I had your experience with them. I do know that Drobo has a new CEO for a couple of years now and changes are being implemented for the better.

Using Drobo with Time Machine or backup software

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Using Drobo with Time Machine or backup software

It was super-painless! HoneydewStudios - via Twitter - via Twitter. Features Expand All Collapse All. DroboApps — Giving You the Power The myDrobo platform provides end-to-end secure access to services on your Drobo from the public internet, through a user chosen mydrobo. Learn More. Backup — Protect Your Valuable Data, Onsite and Offsite Backing up data is challenging especially for an SMB that needs faster backups, faster recoveries facing shrinking backup windows.

Backup Solutions: Replication — Offsite data protection to keep your business running The costs of a disaster, even a minor one, are real.

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Drobo backup software for mac

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